Sunday, 28 May 2017


Two girls were traveling home from work when one of them received a long call from her boyfriend. After the call, the two started to chat again before the girl who got a call asked her friend, "why is it that you don't have a boyfriend yet up until now?" "Oh dear Mercy, I am waiting for mr. perfect." said the other one. "Are you kidding me right now? You're never gonna find him. No one is perfect Celine not even you." Before Celine could reply, an older gentleman who had sat just close to the girls jumped in, "that is a lie." The girls looked at the man surprised, "sorry to ask but are you talking to us?" asked Mercy. "Yes." He nodded. "You're not trying to claim perfection, are you?" This was Celine. "No. But I at least know someone who is perfect." he responded. "Oh really? Whose that?" "My son." "What makes you think he's perfect? Hasn't he ever cheated in any kind of way before?" "No, he hasn't." "How about smoking and drinking?" "No. Never." "How about coming home late in the evening?" "No, he doesn’t." "Hasn't he ever cursed and used any sort of abusive language before?" "Trust me, he doesn't." "He sounds quite perfect. Do you think he can like me?" "Totally." "OMG! How old is he?" "He will be turning four months old next Wednesday."


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