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following a healthy diet also has a key role in the process of losing belly fat. Below, you have some tips on how to eliminate bloating and abdominal fat and which are the do`s and don`ts when it comes to this process.
1.    Remove Dairy Products
Even though milk is considered healthy, those who want to have a flat stomach should stay away from it. The reason behind this is that milk intake often causes gasses and bloating. In case you cannot remove dairy products for good, at least replace milk with yogurt.

2.    Remove Processed Foods, Coffee, Refined Sugar and Alcohol
Melting belly fat still requires some sacrifice, including cutting down coffee and alcohol intake.  Processed foods stimulate the process of fat accumulation, which in turn leads to bulky belly. Moreover, refined sugar is yet another obstacle in the process of melting fat. Therefore, you should avoid these products as well.

3.    Reduce Salt Intake
Even though salt makes the food more delicious and it is widely used, excessive salt intake can lead to water retention and cause health issues. Therefore, don’t use too much salt and try to limit its intake to minimum.

4.    Hot Spices- Go Away
The major reason for stomach irritation is the increased secretion in the stomach, which is caused by the consumption of spicy foods.  As a matter of fact, the consumption of hot spices causes digestive issues and stimulates the accumulation of belly fat. Therefore, try to stay away from these spices!

5.    Cut Down Carbohydrates
It is a well-known fact that carbohydrates compromise the fat burning process. Make sure you stay away from bread, pasta, and sweet food while consuming more protein-rich foods.

6.     Consume More Fruits

Eating fruits is the best thing you can do! However, you need to be extra cautious when it comes to the choice of fruits as not all fruits as adequate for losing weight.  For instance, the consumption of apples or pears may compromise your fat burning process, as they are high in fructose. On the other hand, you should consume more citrus fruits.


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